What is an Academy?

An academy is not just a building or a group of people or a program. It is all of those things and more. EGUSC’s Academy is a unique program built on our club philosophy, a culture and a way of doing things. It is EGUSC’s hope to focus soccer development around the local community. We hope to build great players and teams throughout the club on local talent EGUSC.

Academy Curriculum

The EGUSC technical curriculum starts at the young age of 5 years old. This is a proven program that has produced many successful players, and we feel very privileged to bring this philosophy to our players. EGUSC coaching staff will be focusing on the following curriculum:

  • Ball Manipulation
  • Spatial Awareness
  • 1v1 Situations
  • SAQ
  • Shooting Technique

Academy Goals:

To offer players an opportunity to have a positive soccer experience. To develop players to have a passion for the game.

Academy Details:

*Ages 5-8 years old Train 1 days a week
*One (1) Hour Sessions Periodic Play Dates
*Designed to teach basic fundamental skills and build a love for the game.

2 Session Dates:

Session on every Wednesday  6pm to 7pm
Session #1 Aug 3 thru Aug 24 Registration Fee: $40

*Location Monterey Trail High School 8661 Power Inn Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95624
*No make up dates scheduled

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Elk Grove United Players are Invited to the U.S. Soccer Training Center


Elk Grove United Players are Invited to the U.S. Soccer Training Center

Karly Davis and Bilie Hogge of Elk Grove United have been invited by the U.S. Soccer Federation to attend its Soccer Training Center in Davis. Coach Peter Ochoa highlights the coaching staff at the club for developing a proper method to help youth players progress and the motivation for the club to top organization in the area.

Youth Soccer News: Elk Grove United Soccer Club standouts Karly Davis and Bilie Hogge have been invited by the United States Soccer Federation to attend the U.S Soccer Training Center in Davis, CA on March 30, 2016.

The two Northern California players have been guided under the direction of Girls Technical Director and Coach Peter Ochoa of the 04G for Elk Grove United. Ochoa has expressed his excitement for the young girls who have began a successful soccer career at a very young age.

“They have been working very hard and as a result, opportunities like this will sometimes present themselves. Elk Grove United Soccer Club strives to be the top club in Elk Grove, CA,” states Peter Ochoa.

Coach Ochoa also took to recognize the coaching staff at Elk Grove United and the influence they have on the development of the young players at the club.

“We have such a great staff of coaches who know the process of development at the younger ages so as the kids begin to grow and compete, they are identified by such organizations as United States Soccer Federation Training Center.”

– See more at: http://goalnation.com/elk-grove-players-attend-u-s-soccer-training/#sthash.7WxLEwjk.dpuf

Announcing The Newest Member of our Staff, Trisha S. Gonzales


Trisha Gonzales comes to Elk Grove United with an impressive resume as both a player and high level coach. Trisha is highly known in the Elk Grove community and throughout Northern California as an ODP State and Regional Staff Coach. It’s highly likely if your daughter participated in ODP (1998-2004), she would have been coached by Trisha. Trisha spent 13 years coaching at Pleasanton Rage, an all-girls competitive soccer club.

Trisha’s playing career includes 8 years in the Women’s Professional Soccer League and she was a 4 year starter and “Defensive Player of the Year” for Pepperdine University, a NCAA Division I program.

Elk Grove United’s Technical Director Peter Ochoa is excited about Trisha. “One of my goals has been to have highly qualified women staff coaches at EGU. I believe she will be a great addition to our club. Trisha will be coaching in our older age groups.” Tryout for those ages will be in May.


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